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Building Websites that Move

Six House Design builds websites that move people. Over the last 15 years, Six House has designed and coded hundreds of websites for clients in a wide range of industries in Midland and Odessa, Texas and around the world.

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Graphic Design + Identity

Six House has produced print and identity related graphics for clients in a variety of industries in Midland and Odessa, Texas and around the world. Services include vector logo design, business cards, brochures, folders, banners, booth displays and anything else you can dream up.

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Data-driven Web Apps

Six House specializes in custom data-driven web applications for the oil and gas industry. Have an idea for a web app that would make your company run more smoothly? Six House Design can make it a reality.

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Online Marketing + SEO

Six House provides simple marketing packages that take the frustration out of online marketing and SEO. Set monthly fees, and easy-to-read monthly reports for all your search engine and pay-per-click campaigns.

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Photo of Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin is the owner and primary designer/developer at Six House Design. With experience extending back to 1999, Matthew has accumulated a long list of satisfied clients and a nomination for one of the most prestigious web design awards in the industry (the SXSW Web Design Award). He began working independently designing and programming websites in 2002 when he founded Six House Design.


It's simple. Six House Design has a history of completing projects and satisfying customers. In the last twenty years, Six House Design has started and completed over 200 websites, data-driven web apps, and visual identity projects for clients in Midland and Odessa, Texas and around the world.

Six House has an OPEN HISTORY POLICY. New clients are welcome to contact any existing client to confirm our long-standing reputation for reliability.

Six House Design does not outsource work to other firms or overseas developers. When you partner with Six House Design on a new project, you can be assured that we will be personally responsible for every aspect of that project.