It's simple... 6House Design has a history of completing projects and satisfying customers. In the last eleven years, 6House Design has started and completed over 200 websites and visual identity projects.

6House has an OPEN HISTORY POLICY. New clients are welcome to contact any existing client to confirm our long-standing reputation for reliability.

6House Design does not contract work to other firms or overseas developers. When you partner with 6House Design on a new project, you can be assured that 6House Design will be personally responsible for every aspect of that project. 6House uses Midland/Odessa photographer Curtis Routh for all project photography.

Matthew W. Griffin Designer/Programmer

Matthew Griffin Matthew Griffin is a veteran digital designer with experience extending back to 1999. He has worked independently designing and programming websites since 2002 and has accumulated a long list of satisfied clients and a nomination for one of the most prestigious web design awards in the industry (the SXSW Web Design Award). It is his greatest ambition to remain a designer serving local businesses in the Midland and Odessa, Texas area.

Workflow: Thoughtful, Simple, Flexible

Finding a website designer who is professional and reliable can be difficult. Matthew has worked on over 200 website as an independent designer and has, in the process, developed a workflow that is thoughtful, simple, and flexible.

The 6House project workflow is based on 6 simple principles:

  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Prompt Communication
  • Professional Aesthetic
  • Standardized Coding
  • Industry Appropriate Design
  • Ongoing Service

These 6 principles ensure that the price of every project is firm, the client always knows what stage the project is in, the final product is visually pleasing, and ranks high on search engines.